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Who? middle manager

A middle manager is a qualified specialist with work experience of 3 years in a certain field who is able to efficiently carry out tasks, determine methods and steps to achieve a goal, draw conclusions, take responsibility, plan their working time and offered resources of the company.

Key competencies:

  1. 1. Result orientation
  2. 2. Proactive position
  3. 3. Ability to make decisions
  4. 4. Planning and organization
  5. 5. Executive performance
  6. 6. Analytical thinking
  7. 7. Organization
  8. 8. Ability to identify problems
  9. 9. Innovative thinking
  10. 10. Collection, processing, and synthesis of information

 *The list of competencies is formed individually, taking into account the client’s request, the requested position, the company’s objectives.


How? we are looking for (search methodology)

1. Executive Search

The method of finding an effective specialist with relevant experience and skills, able to form and implement a successful business development strategy.

2. Own base of candidates

– the base of high-level specialists and recommendations of opinion leaders. Networking – allows you to speed up the search process for relevant applicants and to make the most accurate picture of the candidate.

3. Social networks

– the method helps to build quality contacts with candidates relevant to the proposed position who are not in search of work;

– helps to create a personal portrait of the candidate in order to relate it to the values ​​of the company and the intended position.

What? we appreciate

1. Competencies

– In-depth assessment of the level of competence of the candidate allows you to choose the most effective specialist for you.

2. Achievements and results of work

– applying modern interviewing techniques, we analyze in detail and determine the applicant’s previous experience, behavioral markers, achievements, which allows us to predict the effectiveness of the candidate in the company of the customer.

3. Professional knowledge and skills

– we conduct individual assessment interviews, we reveal the real knowledge and skills of a specialist;
– thanks to the objective assessment of the candidate, we determine the compliance of his experience with the specified requirements for the proposed position.

4. Motivation and personality traits

– we diagnose the candidate’s motivational card in order to form the most attractive offer.

5. Checking recommendations

– we independently determine the sources of receipt of recommendations, check the accuracy of the received and diagnosed information.


Whom? You get

– a specialist who can identify problems and propose effective solutions to the problem, effectively carry out the tasks;

– a detailed report and final candidates, with a description of achievements, strengths and development zones, recommendations from previous jobs, a motivation card.