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Hogan Online Test

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Hogan is the world’s first online competency assessment test, greatly simplifying the selection of a candidate or employee from the personnel reserve for a new job.

Thanks to research in more than 20 different industries and 95% of specialties, Hogan determines the level of assessment and provides a reliable forecast of employee performance at work.


  1. 35 years in the world and 9 years in Ukraine
  2. Tested over 1 million 400 000 people
  3. Premium product, due to the validity of forecasts (0.68-0.88), equal to the results of the assessment center
  4. No. 1 Review of Personality Instruments 2-nd Edition
  5. Comparative analysis of the Psychological Testing Center of the British Psychological Society

What Hogan checks

  1. The basic level of professional suitability of the candidate.
  2. Compliance with the personal and professional competencies of the candidate with the proposed position.
  3. Reactions and behavior of a person in stressful situations.
  4. Values, the motivational background of the candidate and the key factors determining his professional success.


  • The efficiency of selection grows by 35-45%
  • Employees who have been tested have a full-fledged personal development plan for 18-24 months.
  • Providing a solid base for career coaching.

Hogan customers

Київстар, Raben Ukraine, Trouw Nutrition, Incom, Strauss Group, Октава Капитал, Kimberly Clark Ukraine, Добробут, РД Банк, Novo Nordisk, Кредо Капитал, Mili Health, Chimney Pod, Скворцово, ВАМП, Adeccо, ENRC Eurasia Natural Resources Corp., ТД Поляков, Пицца Челентано, UBG Ukrainian Business Group и др.

You can see the list of clients here.

Personal Potential - HPI Hogan Personality Inventory
Score 7 business competencies. Predicts how an employee will perform work in typical situations
Reports based on this questionnaire:
Digital report (75 euro)
the percentage level of development of competencies by core and professional scales.
Report "Express" (Express) (150 euro)
“Express” the withdrawal and assessment of the compliance of the candidate with the proposed position on the basis of his results and the results of the most successful representatives of one of the 7 professions.
Compliance report (Fit) (150 euro)
the compliance of the results of the employees with the international standard in 7 professional groups and a full conclusion on three questionnaires about the degree of compliance with the position.
Standard Career Report (125 euro)
percentage assessment of competencies and a brief description of the employee.
Potential Depth Report (250 euro)
percentage detailed description, recommendation sheet and competency assessment.
Motives and Values - MVPI The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory
Determination of the most motivating type of position, work and environment for a person by examining the values, goals and interests of the person.
Reports based on this questionnaire:
Digital report (75 euro)
Analysis of employee values as a percentage, allowing you to determine the environment in which it will be most effective. The report shows job satisfaction and management style.
Standard Compass Report (125 euro)
Analysis of employee value profile as a percentage. He also gets the opportunity to independently study the results.
Depth report "Values" (250 euro)
Detailed results and description of the employee's value profile as a percentage.
Development Zones - HDS Hogan Developmental Survey
There is an assessment of the professional risk of a person in stressful situations on the basis of his characteristics in relationships with other people.
Reports based on this questionnaire:
Digital report (75 euro)
The employee’s development profile as a percentage, with specified career destructors and factors preventing him from displaying his potential.
In-depth report "Limitations" (250 euro)
The employee development profile, as well as recommendations for the manager and a schedule of results of competencies. The test is conducted to show the person's behavior in stressful long-term situations.
Hogan Comprehensive Reports
Reports based on this questionnaire:
Hogan Comprehensive Reports
The report provided 6 graphs describing business criteria: managing the result, people, processes, strategy, communication and data. Built on HPI (Personal Potential) and MVPI (Motives and Values) data. It helps to understand how personal characteristics affect the management style.
Emotional Intelligence Report - EQ
Reports based on this questionnaire:
Emotional Intelligence Report - EQ
The report shows 6 emotional competencies: awareness, control, expression, recognition, influence and empathy. Each of these competencies is applicable for both leadership and teamwork. Built on HPI (Personal Potential) and HDS (Development Zones) data or when ordering the Emotional Intelligence online test. It helps to assess and recognize your emotions, thereby affecting the situation.
“Decision making style” report - Judgment report
Reports based on this questionnaire:
“Decision making style” report - Judgment report
Assessment of decision-making style, information processing, response to feedback, openness to development and coaching. Analysis is necessary to understand what approach the candidate uses when making a decision: verbal or numerical. What kind of thinking he has: tactical or strategic. He makes decisions based on analytics or intuition. All this predicts its effectiveness in the enterprise.
Insight Reports for Potential, Motives and Values, Development Zones - Insight
Reports based on this questionnaire:
Insight Reports for Potential, Motives and Values, Development Zones - Insight
Allows managers to understand their strengths and weaknesses. The report can be ordered both during the passage of one of the questionnaires, and for all three. Gives a description of the possible consequences of the command, questions for working with a coach and a detailed interpretation of the sub-competences.