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Trainings and courses in personnel management from the Golden Staff Business Training Center are a theoretical base, a comprehensive practical training and a full understanding of the HR management process.

We offer programs that are relevant and interesting both for the beginner and for the experienced specialist in this field.

Why School of HR Management

The training is aimed at obtaining and developing the necessary knowledge and skills for personal search and selection, as well as at mastering the methods of training, adaptation, motivation, certification and assessment of personnel.

A specially developed and successfully implemented a 3-module training program.

The maximum number of hours of practical skills.

Participants certification.

HR School modules are conducted both in open and incorporate format.

  • 8 years
    Experience in training and development of HR managers in the HR School program
  • 3 modules
    Specially designed comprehensive training program
  • 7 day of studing
    Mastering all the subtleties of HR management
  • 70 % hours of practice
    Maximum skill development
Learning outcomes
You will master the methods of selection, training, adaptation, motivation, certification and evaluation of staff.
Get useful business contacts and new opportunities for your career development.
Within 2 months after graduation, you can get individual advice from a business coach on the issues discussed.

Programs of all trainings can be adapted and customized for individual request of a corporate customer.

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