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Trainings help build and improve skills, effective sales tools, create your own unique sales style, achieve planned business goals.

We offer training programs that will be relevant and interesting for both the beginner and the experienced professional in this field.

Why Golden Staff Sales Training

The training of specialists is aimed at developing and improving the skills of professional sales, training for informed and systematic sales management, and achieving the planned goals of the company.

The maximum number of hours practicing practical skills.

Certification of participants.

Training programs are conducted in both open and corporate format.

  • 15 years
    Experience training sales staff
  • 3000 people
    Number of trained specialists
  • 30 projects
    A wide range of training programs
  • 70% hours of practice
    Maximum skill development
Learning outcomes
Determine the necessary components of long-term cooperation with the client.
Master the principles of sales planning, customer categorization, techniques of maintaining an active dialogue.
Acquire skills to identify and differentiate customer needs
Reveal the secrets of a successful presentation
Get practical tools to work effectively with objections
Work out the skills to complete the transaction

Programs of all trainings can be adapted and customized for the individual request of a corporate customer.

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