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Trainings for managers from the Business Training Center “Golden Staff” is an effective solution that helps in a short time to build up the necessary managerial competence.

This training is for those who value their time, who spend it on thinking about their actions, who are used to taking balanced and verified management solutions.

Business coaches form skills that increase manager efficiency and inspire self-improvement and development.

Why Head School

The training program is based on the basic functions of management, managerial communication, cross-functional interaction and personal effectiveness of the manager.

The program allows: experienced managers to recognize their own behaviors, take a fresh look at their management style and adjust it; novice managers – to form a good instrumental base for the managerial experience.

The program helps: to deal with internal and external “barriers” that impede professional and personal growth and development; see the development prospects and make plans for the future; to encourage participants to further self-development.

A specially developed and successfully implemented 10 modular training program.

The maximum number of hours to practice practical skills. The modules of the Leader’s School are conducted both in open and incorporate format

  • 10 years
    Experience of training and development of managers under the program of the School of the Head
  • one-day training modules
    Consistent development of all basic management skills
  • 70 % hours of practice
    Maximum skill development
  • Up to 60 days of post-training support
    up to 30 days - open training format, up to 60 days - corporate training format
Learning outcomes
IDP - Personal Development Plan personality and leadership competencies.
Operational management skills: planning, setting objectives, motivation, control, analysis.
Skills of organizing teamwork and interaction algorithm with a subordinate / colleague.
Algorithm and basic tools of the delegation process.
Skills of awareness and management of emerging emotions in business communications.
After each class, participants test the resulting tools and technologies in actual practice.

Programs of all trainings can be adapted and customized for the individual request of a corporate customer.

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