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Negotiation trainings are aimed at disclosing communication and negotiation potential and building the necessary skills for conducting productive negotiations.

Coaches of the Center represent different schools, practices, tools, and styles of negotiation.

Including the exclusive 5 modular program – School “Negotiator.UA”.

Why «Negotiator.UA»

Specially developed and successfully implemented 5 modular training program

Formation of manufacturability (skills, tools) and core negotiator (attitude, beliefs)

Mastering 4 types of skills: read and reproduce verbal (verbal) and nonverbal (bodily) information in the interlocutor’s language

Maximum hours practicing practical skills

Certification of participants

Possibility of comprehensive or modular training

  • 12 years
    Experience in the organization and training of the School Negotiator UA - for those who negotiate and work in sales
  • 5 modules
    Specially designed comprehensive training program
  • 8 days of studing
    Comprehensive study of the personality of the negotiator
  • 70% hours of practice
    Maximum skill development
Learning outcomes
You will receive practical tools that allow you to better understand your opponent’s behavior and analyze your impact on the outcome of negotiations.
Learn the skills to determine the individual characteristics and values of the client.
Master the skills to create sustainable and long-term contact.
Learn to read the values and criteria of the client, which will become his personal "convincing arguments".
You will reveal your personal communication and negotiation potential, as well as develop the necessary skills for confident strategic negotiations.
Get a ready-made structure and effective modern technologies for conducting business negotiations.

Programs of all trainings can be adapted and customized for the individual request of a corporate customer.

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