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The ICBT International School of Business Coach Training is an exclusive 4-module authoring program focused on acquiring new knowledge, raising the level of skills, and exploring all the techniques of conducting training!

On the course, participants learn methods for diagnosing a company’s need for training. ICBT trainers pass on the methodology for creating trainings, which makes it possible to compose trainings for the business goals of the customer.


Training is aimed at developing the necessary professional skills of a business coach!

Specially developed and successfully implemented a 4-module training program.

Maximum practical training hours.

International certification of ICBT school graduates.

Possibility of conducting ICBT School in both open and corporate formats

Our graduates – successful business coaches in key companies and organizations.

  • 16 years
    Experience in training business coaches at the School of Trainers according to the methodology of Zhanna Zavyalova - business coach and coach of international qualification according to ICF standards
  • 20 cities and 5 countries
    A whole network of regional offices
  • 48 graduations and 900 graduates
    Business Coach Schools
  • 16 days of training
    Detailed training skills
For whom
Learning outcomes
Get a chance to become a successful business coach: dynamic, understanding the patterns of work of business structures, business processes, sales and management.
Learn how to easily and naturally conduct trainings, be yourself and apply your individual style, believe in your group and enjoy work.
Learn the skills of working with coaching technologies, creating new trainings or upgrading an existing one.
Understand how to work with unmotivated participants, professionals or diverse groups.
You will understand the main mistakes of the coach, which prevent him from entering the coaching position.
Try on 4 types of role-playing behavior of a trainer: leader, teacher, facilitator, trainer.

After completing an exclusive 4-module training program, you have the opportunity to undergo a certification procedure to receive an internationally recognized category T certificate, the IIMD training group, which allows you to become a full-fledged representative of the training market and work in a business environment immediately after graduation.

We also offer professional support to the ICBT community, where you can share new techniques with other graduates and trainers, co-publish books and continuously improve with your skills!

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