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The training programs on logistics at Universe of Experts are based on the basic logistics processes that occur both at the level of global economic changes worldwide and by the example of individual companies.

Why "Logistics. Supply Chain Management (SCM) from Golden Staff

A specially designed and successfully implemented author’s training program, thanks to which you: study the tools for efficient organization of logistic flows in an enterprise, from purchasing to distribution of finished products and delivery of goods to customers; gain skills to create sustainable supply chains in order to reduce costs; learn how to improve procurement efficiency; You will be able to improve the results of the company’s procurement activities and optimize traffic flows; you will be able to conduct market analysis and competitive procedures.

The successful practical experience of our teacher allows you to get answers to all your questions.

Certification of participants

  • 5 years
    Experience in organizing training in logistics
  • 15 issues and 225 graduates
    Employees of large production companies, distributors, banks and logistics companies of Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan have been trained.
  • 32 academic hours
    Specially designed comprehensive training program
  • 60% of practice hours
    Maximum skill development
Learning outcomes
Learn the basic concepts of supply chain - goals, objectives, participants in the supply chain
Learn the skills of planning the flow of goods and calculate the level of inventory
You will master the main tools of the logistician, the main indicators of the effectiveness of scm, the nuances of budgeting
You will learn the subtleties of distribution, warehouse, transport, production logistics
Get outsourced knowledge in the supply chain
Poluchite gotovyye shablony, pomogayushchiye provodit' raschety i razrabatyvat' resheniya po optimizatsii logistiki na svoyem rabochem meste 126/5000 Get ready-made templates to help with calculations and develop solutions for optimizing logistics in your workplace

Training programs can be adapted and customized to the individual request of a corporate customer.

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Training programs
Школа "Logistics. Supply Chain Management (SCM) from Golden Staff
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