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Universe ExpertBusiness training

Training center Universe of Experts – professional business training

Since 2004, the specialists of our center have been developing and conducting training and training programs of various types. We contribute to the personal and professional effectiveness of any employee of the company: from the sales manager to the head of the company. We pay special attention to the practical benefits of our corporate programs. Most business training are based on the needs of our clients. We constantly monitor the market situation and offer the most relevant business programs.

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The Universe of Experts Business Training Center is a professional approach to staff training!

We use modern methods to create training programs to create a high level of knowledge and skills of the participants in our training programs.

The extensive practical experience of Universe of Experts trainers allows us to understand the business goals of our clients and find optimal solutions for the tasks set.

Our trainings are the growth and positive changes in your company!

Why we
  • Over 15 years of professional training
  • 75% loyal customers
  • More than 50% of the training time - practical skills
  • Открытый и корпоративный форматы обучения
  • Collaboration with the European Academy of Coaching and the International School of Business Coaches ICBT, the Wiesbaden Academy of Positive Psychotherapy (Germany)
  • Innovative educational materials, practical tools and an individual approach to each client
  • The possibility of obtaining a certificate of the Center for Business Training "Golden Staff" and international certification for the training of trainers and coaches
To date, the Business Training Center has successfully conducted more than 1,800 trainings and projects developed on a turnkey basis and over 50 exclusive training programs and projects.
Our training center
For whom:
For what:
We help
  • Develop an enterprise strategy and increase internal employee motivation<
  • Synchronize the work of departments and improve the efficiency of interaction<
  • To structure the goals and objectives of the company<
  • Improve the business skills of employees and managers of the company<

Corporate Business Training

Corporate business training at Universe of Experts is a solution to practical business problems by increasing the level of staff skills, their personal involvement, and internal motivation.

Programs can be adapted to the individual order of the company.

Golden Staff offers comprehensive corporate training, which includes:


This is a system of internal training, built within the framework of corporate ideology on the basis of a single concept and methodology.

The system covers all levels of managers and specialists.

The university is an instrument of strategic management, as well as an integral part of the company’s business processes


This is a series of training activities aimed at improving the level of one or several skills of the target category of employees.

Complex training programs translate the company’s core values and are developed taking into account the need to use skills at each level of management.

Using such programs helps speed up the process of organizational change

We help to systematize and structure the existing skills and knowledge of employees, to develop their intellectual resource, as well as to prepare staff, in accordance with the actual needs of the company.

Training Topics
Complex educational projects

This is a complete integrated approach to personal training, divided into stages:

  • Development of corporate competencies, assessment, and development of staff competencies.
  • Forming a strategy using effective training formats for a given request: individual and team coaching, trainings, workshops, and supervision.
  • Conducting training and integrating the knowledge gained into the practical activities of the participants using coaching technologies.

Golden Staff provides two options for integrated programs.

Educational support for organizational change - the majority of the company's employees go through the training program.
Corporate University - the company independently plans staff development, after which we jointly develop a training program for various categories of employees

Universe of Experts Business Courses are an opportunity to learn a new specialty for you, deepen your knowledge and expand opportunities, create prerequisites for improving your own efficiency and career growth.

We invited the best teachers with successful practical experience so that the knowledge gained by participants can be applied immediately after graduation. a course of study.

The use of modern practical tools and technologies ensures the involvement of course participants in training and a high level of knowledge and skills of our students. Accelerators.

The Certificate of the Universe of Experts Business Training Center is a guarantee of quality and a serious argument in your favor on the labor market.