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An in-depth interview is an assessment of the candidate’s demonstrated competencies, thanks to which a detailed personality trait is compiled, as well as an assessment of his strong and weak zones.

The method allows up to 87% to find out the psychological disposition of the intended position!

How is it going

Corporate ↓

recommended for evaluating candidates for the positions of top managers or for jobs with high responsibility. Occurs after an interview with the company.

Individually ↓

to assess the level of basic managerial competencies of the applicant, his analytical and communication skills (IQ / EQ).


  1. 1. Duration – 2 hours.
  2. 2. Interpretation of answers using NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and other psychological techniques
  3. 3. Written and oral report.

You get

  1. 1. A detailed, accurate psychological portrait of the personal and professional characteristics of a candidate for a leadership position.
  2. 2. Description of personal maturity, responsibility, values ​​, and motivation of the candidate.


They trust us

“UBG Ukrainian Business Group”, “VAMP”, “Pizza Celentano”.

Read the sample report.

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