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Universe ExpertAbout us

Universe of Experts — the leader in the provision of consulting services!

We are the first full-cycle agency in Ukraine, which specializes in the selection of qualified specialists; assessment, development, and training of staff!

  • the date of the creation of the Universe of Experts
  • 41 employees of whom 60% have worked in the company for over 5 years
  • The first company in Ukraine that has passed the certification of the management system according to the international standard ISO 9001:2008
  • Official representative of Hogan Assessments Corporation
  • Over 1000 corporate business training conducted
  • The base of candidates for 26,552 applicants
  • Since 2007 — the largest provider of long corporate English language training

Around the world, a healthy lifestyle is becoming the norm, which not only individuals accept for themselves, but also companies as a whole. Golden Staff Group is no exception.

For many years now we have wonderful traditions that allow us to promote health and environmental care:

  1. 1. We encourage our employees to spend additional days off for not using sick leave.
  2. 2. We hold summer corporate parties in the format of outdoor activities
  3. 3. We collect paper in special containers and hand over for recycling.

This year, we considered that 30% of the employees of our group of companies did not get sick in the past year, and during the collection of paper we saved more than 50 trees.

Основные направления нашей работы
  • I Place in the ranking of "TOP-10 recruiting agencies of Ukraine" according to the portal Recruiting.net.ua "
  • II place in the "Best HR-Agency" rating according to KyivPost
  • Assessment Center
  • Hogan Leadership Potential Online Test
  • In-depth interview
  • Member status of International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language, IATEFL
  • Official partner of the publisher Direct Language Lab
BUSINESS Education and training
  • 48 issues of the ICBT International School of Business Coaches
  • 16 issues of Organizational Coaching School
Почему вы должны выбрать нас?
  • We use Headhunting, Executive Search, Directsearch, a personal database of candidates and, if necessary, social networks and specialized events when searching for a suitable candidate for our clients.
  • We evaluate candidates using FaceReader, Depth Interview, Hogan, and other techniques, modeling and creating work situations in order to determine the professional competencies of an employee.
  • We compile training and course modules in such a way that they include working with the weak areas of your employees.
  • We adhere to the philosophy of Total Quality Management, which means constant work on the quality of organization of production within the company, customer orientation, approach to the quality system as a process and a systematic approach to management.
Выгода от работы с нами
Personal project manager for each client
The project manager accompanies the client from the very beginning of the cooperation until the end of the project. We also offer post-training support.
Accurate staff assessment
Trainings, individual and distance learning, as well as coaching are built after a thorough assessment of the staff.
Individual approach
We adapt programs to customer requests and offer optimal solutions for the tasks
Agency warranty
The agency guarantees the high quality of the services provided. For us, reputation, business ethics, strict confidentiality and understanding of the customer's business are important.